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Saturday, August 20, 2016

finalist 2015

I know I know
It is 2016!

But my blog life has been on hold a while.

Life changed.
I moved from West to East.
I became single parent.
I didn´t have a job.
I didn´t have a home.

I simply had to take care of things.

Somehow in the middle of all this messy world I could get a grip of myself
and handle at least one thing, my love for art.
I managed to be in the group of five finalists of the Artist of the Year 2015 in
the Swede Finn Artists´Association.  The finals was held at the Finnish Ambassy in Stockholm.

I realize that maybe you don´t understand the article but I am so proud that I managed to get so far as this, even though life had been a bit of a rough ride.

Maybe there are not so many reading this, I am not sure, but if there is someone out there, I want to just say to you, that if life´s not being good on you, hang in there, it will get easier, just give it time.

All the best for all the art lovers out there!!


It´s me to the right. Titti Hammarling is the winner 2015.

The article in the Swede Finnish paper called RuotsinSuomalainen.


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