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Saturday, August 20, 2016

finalist 2015

I know I know
It is 2016!

But my blog life has been on hold a while.

Life changed.
I moved from West to East.
I became single parent.
I didn´t have a job.
I didn´t have a home.

I simply had to take care of things.

Somehow in the middle of all this messy world I could get a grip of myself
and handle at least one thing, my love for art.
I managed to be in the group of five finalists of the Artist of the Year 2015 in
the Swede Finn Artists´Association.  The finals was held at the Finnish Ambassy in Stockholm.

I realize that maybe you don´t understand the article but I am so proud that I managed to get so far as this, even though life had been a bit of a rough ride.

Maybe there are not so many reading this, I am not sure, but if there is someone out there, I want to just say to you, that if life´s not being good on you, hang in there, it will get easier, just give it time.

All the best for all the art lovers out there!!


It´s me to the right. Titti Hammarling is the winner 2015.

The article in the Swede Finnish paper called RuotsinSuomalainen.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


My life has undergone
big changes. A move, a new
start, a new life...

I sold almost all of my paintings
before moving since I needed a
fresh start.

A few still to go so the ones
who have asked to see which
ones are for sale these are for you.
Please, take contact at khd@kristiina.se
and tell which one you´re interested of.

All the best for all of cyber space!!

I have been more active on Instagram: kristiina_se
if you´re curious what is going on in my life.

See ya there.


All of the paintings are mixed media, photo collage and acrylics. The colors may vary since I have not got a very good camera.

The Apple Tree, 80x80, 4000 SEK+ post fees

The Girl in Embroidery, 40x40, 2000 SEK+ postal fees

Cirkus in Hall, 50x80, 3500 SEK+postal fees

The Thinking Girl, 30x40, 1500 SEK+ postal fees

Blue in Window, 30x40, 1500 SEK+ postal fees

The Artist´s Flower, 100x100, 5000 SEK+ postal fees

Girl by the Window, 50x80, 3500 SEK+ postal fees

You and Me, 50x120, 4000 SEK+ postal fees (sorry, couldn´t find a close up on this one)

Angel by the Italian´s Door, 80x80, 5000 SEK+ postal fees

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cottage for sale in Varberg, Sweden

my second creative home-
my little cottage getaway
for sale.
I am moving so it has to be
I am tremendously so sorry about this.
Will cry my eyeballs out
giving away the key to
the next fortunate
A part of my heart will
go missing.

Just wanted you to know.


                                                              Made a blog for the interested ones so more pics at:
                                                              koloni 41                                                  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

After Easter Feelings

I don´t really like Eater Decorations
so I made my own ones to decorate my home with.
Here some pics from my home and things that
put me into spring mood.

I  just adore my deer clock I bought a few years back.
Makes me smile.

Eggs in middle. (my art)

Here it is still hanging...

The boy´s head. I love children...Hard not to love this little head.

A favourite corner in the flat.


I found a big brush that I simply stuck into some concrete...

...and added a little detail.

I collected seaweed and embedded an egg there. Safe!

I just had to go on with the egg-theme so I made a little group of eggs.

Three eggs in a row...Another idea. Keep together!

Hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday thoughts

Two things on my mind...

I miss my old studio.
It was perfect for my art.

...but I will try my best without it.
Not Whine.
Just work.
And enjoy the moment.
There will always be space
somewhere for creativeness!!

//Kristiina                                                                  meet me daily at instagram: kristiina_se

Friday, March 22, 2013

Art Auction

Just handed in my art
to an auction at Bissera
...which is held at
Jakob Hansen House
in Helsingborg the
14th of April.

The auctioneer for the
occasion is
Joakim Bengtsson.

The money goes to

This is my contribution.

//Kristiina                                                                       see you more at my instagram!: kristiina_se

Openings, mixed media.

Friday, March 8, 2013

bits and bobs

Life´s pretty busy
and as usual I am
into many different
arty projects.
As to this "busyness"
one needs to calm
down at times-
contemplate, and
ignore the fact that
next thing is around
the corner.

Relax and enjoy life!


My work at an interior shop nearby.

At work. My students and I are visiting the Art Hall.

A little exhibition with my paintings in an eco-shop out on the countryside.

I made a himmeli in plaster.

I am experimenting with fake aquatint.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I hung Silja I this Sunday

Last time when I was at Siljaline,
between Sweden and Finland,
I saw this couple, totally devoted
to each other and their dancing.
I loved watching them.
Now I am into these dancing images
and I simply
can´t stop!

Have discovered fake aqautint which
is a great technique if you don´t have
enough equipment for the real one.
One needs an air-brush compressor, ink and
white tempera paint.

I tried this technique on my collages.
I had to make a few layers of lacquer until
I got the ink to get stuck onto the canvas.
I need to refine this technique a bit more but
here you see the result from my experiments.

                                                                       More Sunday images at Inpirationsfabriken.

Silja I, sketch

Silja I, aquatint sketch on collage

Silja I, acrylics on aquatint and collage

So I hung Silja I this Sunday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


My new workspace. My new pink lamp. My thoughts to you.


Painting Openings. Mixed media. 30x40.

Take time to reflect on life.

Reflection. Detail from photo collage.

Pile up good memories.

Be alone and like it.

Take care of the loved ones and they will take care of you.

Angels. Photocollage and mixed media. 25x25.