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Sunday, September 1, 2013


My life has undergone
big changes. A move, a new
start, a new life...

I sold almost all of my paintings
before moving since I needed a
fresh start.

A few still to go so the ones
who have asked to see which
ones are for sale these are for you.
Please, take contact at khd@kristiina.se
and tell which one you´re interested of.

All the best for all of cyber space!!

I have been more active on Instagram: kristiina_se
if you´re curious what is going on in my life.

See ya there.


All of the paintings are mixed media, photo collage and acrylics. The colors may vary since I have not got a very good camera.

The Apple Tree, 80x80, 4000 SEK+ post fees

The Girl in Embroidery, 40x40, 2000 SEK+ postal fees

Cirkus in Hall, 50x80, 3500 SEK+postal fees

The Thinking Girl, 30x40, 1500 SEK+ postal fees

Blue in Window, 30x40, 1500 SEK+ postal fees

The Artist´s Flower, 100x100, 5000 SEK+ postal fees

Girl by the Window, 50x80, 3500 SEK+ postal fees

You and Me, 50x120, 4000 SEK+ postal fees (sorry, couldn´t find a close up on this one)

Angel by the Italian´s Door, 80x80, 5000 SEK+ postal fees


  1. Wow! Både jag och min sambo jämte mig i soffan tänkte, och sa, just WOW när vi såg dina alster! Fantastiska tavlor mm!!!!

  2. Nice, very nice!! Best Regards

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