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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a sneaky peek

Take a sneaky peek...

I give you the permission
to open your eyes properly
Here´s a peek on my recent
project which is to do with
my way of relating to my
of origin, Finland.

I am a Swede-Finn, which
is not to be a "real" Finn.
Although there are many
things, so called references,
that combine
me with the Finns and that is
how I am brought up, the Finnish
way of life, the traditions, the food,
the language...and so on.
But still- I am not considered as
real Finn according to my
neighboring friends.

Every summer, when I was little
and up to my teens
my family went to
spend the summer in Finland.
I was a kind of a stranger but in
heart I was not. This was also my
space, my world, my dreams.
I am proud of all the things
that I experienced because
that really brought me even closer
to my 'origin' country.

In my paintings I try to explore
the inner thoughts, memories and
feelings. Time stands still or is floating,
maybe a little faded at times but
the memory is there, reminding
me of the places I have visited,
the people I have met and the strong
connection I have with this country
which in a way is so far from here.

This is project I do with Christelle Mas
(French artist living in Finland)
and Leena Kangas (Finnish artist
living in Finland).
Fun- and at the same time interesting to
see how three different artists have
interpreted same theme but from three
totally different angles.
The project is called "Origin. Original. Originally."


By the Pond. Mixed media. 60x140.

Dad by the Field. Mixed media. 60x140.

The Lion Within. Mixed media. 60x140.

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