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Sunday, October 14, 2012


What´s really going on??
Time fliesss.
Oh well,
here comes a little update.
I am a bit tired but
that´s part of life.

See ya.

My attempt to please some creative people at FABRIKEN.

Yes yes yes. the ones who has not seen pics from the cottage. I have been there now to prepare for winter. So all pots and plants must go into the green house before the frosty nights come along.

I am still enjoying the light inside the cottage. It is nice to experience the summery feelings even though one knows that winter is on it´s way...

My life has been a bit tangled... This hanging made by one of my art students really represents what I have been feeling lately...

And this is what I want it to end up like!

I did a little artistic approach last week with this little painting to a man (who you can see on the right hand lower corner). This is a painting for his 50th birthday. Can you see what he likes to do?

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