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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Just came home from a trip to Finland.
It brought lots of memories to my
mind. Especially the ones about color
and smell.

One painting that really expresses
this is the one shown here.
-It´s a dragon fly.

I remember me being a little girl. I had just
arrived to our summer cottage in Finland.
It was a hot day and I went to down to the
sand road.
Suddenly a dragon fly appeared, flew really
close and I got scared- and I mean really scared.
I started running and I ran all over but
the dragon fly just followed me where ever I ran
so the more I ran it followed which got me
into a more intense feeling of panic.

This painting hangs above the stairs.
Some people see the forms and color and
after a while realize that there is a shape of some
kind of a fly. My daughter actually said that
she did not discover the fly until after a few days.
I guess this is what I want to accomplish-
the feeling of it being there but in a way not.

The question is.
Do I really want to see the dragon fly since I am
scared of it?


The Dragon fly. Mixed media. 80x180.


  1. Hi Kristiina......it's been a lovely visit catching up with you, busy you, after a couple of weeks away. My your work looks wonderful in the shops, your classroom, and your walls. Dragon flies still scare me a bit even though I'm fascinated by them. Have a great week.

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