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Friday, August 10, 2012

closet favorite

I really do not like posing
for a camera
since I started with Instagram I
kind of have got used to it a
little and I suppose people
want to see you in person from
time to time so I need to loosen up
and just go with the flow.

I paid my work a little
visit the other week and
since I
work with art and my surroundings
always are in creative chaos I cannot
wear my best clothes but now on my
vacation I happened to have my
closet favorite on me so I had to take
a couple
of quick photos in the classroom mirrors.

I know, I know,
I don´t look like
I am so wide awake-
maybe it´s
vacation that makes me a bit lazy looking.


Photochallenge at ingenvanligdag.

Me in my closet favorite. Dress from Monrow.

A Danish lamp classic in the quite messy but creative office.

Mixed media acrylics and steel wire by one of my former students. 

Creative mess is found here! Small objects for still life work.

Surrealistic works, bugs and distorted figures by my students.

Mixed media sculptures by my students.

I am back to this office next week- vacation over and out!


  1. Vilken fin klänning! Förstår att det är en favorit:)

    Kram Emma

  2. Jättefin klänning och vilken supersnygg taklampa på bild nr.2


  3. Love the dress! You look beautiful Kristiina. And happy space to work in!xx

  4. I love your space!

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  5. Love your dress and can see why it's your favourite!
    Have a great week of holidays. :)