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Sunday, August 12, 2012

open gardens

I am off to visit some inspirational
gardens today!!
It is an official open garden
weekend in my region. I am so-so excited!

In the meanwhile I will show
you the collages/paintings I am selling in
a local store nearby which is a flower
interior shop.
What I did was that
I started doing
small paintings with features from
the local environments just to tease the
summer tourists but also the locals (of course!)
but now I´m
doing bigger ones with some other
images, too. I have already sold a
few so I am glad I took this opportunity.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!
And really!! thanks for all the supporting
comments, I am so glad you visit my
blog! I love to spread creativity and inspiration
around me. Hope you somehow see that, too.

See ya more!

//Kristiina                                    more updated feed at instagram: kristiina_se!

Here my collages/paintings evolving in the studio!

...And here my paintings at the nearby local flower and interior store!!

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  1. I hope you have a day filled with inspiration at the local gardens. Good luck with your lovely paintings too:)