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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday arr

My living room has been occupied
with half of my studio (since the big move)
and gee, I feel cramped and want to get
started with arranging a little space of my own.
There are a few other things to deal with first so
my studio space has to wait a little.

In the meanwhile I thought to make some
arrangements with a few paintings so I´d
not lose the creativeness.

So this is my contribution to
photo challenge Sunday image at Fabriken.

Enjoy Sunday!

Just playing around with composition a little.
Here´s the painting "Same but Different", 50x100, mixed media and the little painting is "Girl with Apple", 15x15, screen print.

A little detail here is the sculpture I bought from one of my former art students. I just love it! By the way, she is one of the duo who made Loreen´s dress to the Eurovision Contest this year.


  1. Kauniit kuvat!

    Mukavaa syksyä sinullekin! :)

  2. Love the photos!
    They came out really great.
    Daisy and I hope you had a great