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Friday, September 14, 2012

h h hi!

Hi there!
I have been to an amazing interior shop
today. With me I had a few boxes of
paintings which are to be sold there.
I will go back soon to take some pics
for you!!

Now I have to tell you that I´ve
got the most awesome job ever!
I have so many privileges! For instance,
this Tuesday my students and I went to
see the art works by the Norwegian
artist Olav Christopher Jenssen.
After a tour we participated in a workshop-
and I joined the group. I sure tell you that I was
more enthusiastic than ever- I just love
to create without any strings- just sit and
do things with your hands is fantastic.
This really made my whole week!

I hope you can find something to do that makes
you happy!


h h hi!!
Sister II. Mixed media. 25x25.

A tour this Tuesday at the city hall gallery and Olav Christopher Jenssen´s art.

By the way Olav Christopher Jenssen´s sculptures were hung they created a feeling of being in the woods surrounded by these floating objects.

Inspired by the exhibition my students (and I) headed to do some art.
Can you see what the source of inspiration was?  ;)

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  1. Hi, hi, hi back at you! Yes, I think you have the best job ever. Just look at those smiling creative faces. :)