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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Be creative- happiness will follow!¨

I believe each and one of us should do what 
makes them truly happy.

I am a very creative person.
So I think that is one necessity in my life,
something I need in order to function.
In a way it sounds odd to say that but
in my world there´s nothing else that
really makes me happy (well- besides family
and friends of course!!)

Creativity creates an open mind to other
things, too, and in my opinion that makes us
creative people curious about life and keep
us going froward.
And guess what I do when I feel down and
depressed- I do creative things!!

What is creative in your life?
Really, think this over!!
It doesn´t have to be arts and design, interior or
other diys and crafts.
Just be curious about new things and
explore life in a new way!


Photochallenge at ingenvanligdag.

Creativity in my life. This makes me happy.

Be alone with my paints and brushes and create art.

Stroll around other people´s creative work.

To see the beauty in small details.

Enjoy the opportunities that are given to me. And take in the silence.

Surround myself by color.

Create something fun with other things than just arts.


  1. great post!
    I love the photo with your feet and brush and your working dress.
    Have a nice weekend x Stefanie

  2. Hi Kristiina,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. If you still have a nice submission as "Ode to Blue" for the exhibition just send me a good image with title, technique etc. and I'll add it to the show. Well, don't wait too long.
    (I do have the backdoor key of the show....:)

    You've got a nice blog as well, just started to follow it.

    All the best,