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Saturday, August 25, 2012

my style

My style is to do lots
and lots of things all the time!
I love having a creative life.
I am not a lazy kind of person if
you ask me.
I love being active with my family
and friends.
I have my studio.
I have my cottage garden.
I have my job.

Yep- that´s me.

At times I need to take
a break, though, and this
is one of these times when
it is actually happening.
I am moving out from my studio!
Well, it is time to calm down a bit
but I will still  have a few artistic
project going on, so I am not worried. :)


Photochallenge at ingenvanligdag.

My acrylics go into the bag.

My paintings will be sold at a local store.

Chaos is taking over the shelves.

I will even miss this paint bucket.

A bit tired and sad but it has to be done.


  1. Best wishes for your move and your break!

  2. Nice to be at your blog, i am glad you visited mine so i could get to know yours...really a great place to explore..

  3. Your art is so deep ! The painting of two people sitting in chairs and facing each other is simply faboulous! Keep up the good work.