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Saturday, September 8, 2012

cottage update

Since I started to work I
have been neglecting my cottage.
I went to see it yesterday and gee
there´s loads of work to do.
A few weeks back we (my husband
and I) painted two of the cottage´s
walls and even this is not finished...
so so what to do what to do?

Have a nice Saturday!


Inside the cottage. A bit cramped but cosy.

I painted a little bedroom mirror pink to match the style in the big room.

The flowery hanging is really just to cover up the mess in the kitchen. It is full of paints and brushes since we´ve been painting the cottage. It does the trick, though.

My collection of oil lamps.

This summer I had the opportunity to add a couple of tea cups to my blue collection.

I had to move a few plants from the backside because of the make-over so they got a new home in this big zink bason.


I just about had some time to trim my boxwood plants this summer. Just about...

Even though the nature has it´s own course in my little garden it frames other details really beautifully.

Ok, can you see that the new color WILL make a difference ;) !!
I know, we could have chosen a new cool color, like black, grey or white, to make it more modern but we like the old cottage yellow so this is the way it is going to be. See ya!!