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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

corner in the garden

I have been privileged
to own an allotment, which
I prefer to call my "little cottage getaway",
simply because that sounds more like me :),
these first years have been loads of
work in the garden since it has been
in a horrible condition. For instance, this
little lovely corner was filled with plants
and I mean filled, really cluttered, all over.
So what I did was to remove all those
(I dug so much which by the way resulted
an inflammation in my arm) and chose to
have grass instead to create a clean and
proper look to it.


Photo challenge at ingenvanligdag.

I took this photo last week. The grass is really nice and green now (thanks to the rainy Swedish summer).

This photo is taken in early spring, just before the grass started to recover from winter and was cut for the first time.

I decided to keep some of the plants in the corner behind the big witch hazel. I am planning to make an edge lining with squared stones to define the grass from plants- well, that´s a project for the future.

Another picture I took from one of the entrances earlier this spring. You can see the "corner" in the background with its two small boxwood balls.

My children are not so keen in gardening but can hang around a little in the garden doing other things. Here my daughter had a movie time...Haha. Lovely contrast.


  1. Sweet place. You have done a lovely job of it;)

  2. Lovely garden, Kristiina! My girls never like to work in the garden when they were young but now that they have their own gardens you should see them out there watering, digging, planting etc. A sight to behold.
    Your couch in the previous post looks comfy and like a great place for a beauty rest!
    I hope the rest of you summer is filled with sunshine, love, and joy. Happy August to you.

  3. I love your paintings and your style; mixed media, very nice!