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Friday, July 27, 2012

bits and bobs

...been down the beach lately.
naah- not really true, but almost...

I have been making a few small
collages to a local interior shop nearby.
So the studio has been warmed up
a bit with some creativity. They want
some more paintings so I have my
hands full at the moment.

Tomorrow, Saturday I have
the Spontaneous Creativity
session so I am pretty preoccupied
with the preparations for that at the
moment. The workshop will deal with the
acrylic technique, structures and materials.

Here some snap shots from the
studio for now. More to come!

See ya more!

In the making of new canvases.

Girl in the Window, 50x70, oil and mixed media.

Small collages evolving...

And here some results. The collages I am selling in the local store are motives 
from the surroundings in Varberg. 
A little eye teaser for the tourists and maybe a present to a friend nearby.

Making bigger collages. I need more red and green tones.

A quick shot in the studio.

Yeopp. Me as an angel. haha.

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  1. Så mycket fint! Jag älskar tavlorna med de fina byggnaderna.