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Monday, July 30, 2012

A cottage under make over...

I am in heavy business
this week. The cottage
needs a total make-over
so repainting is on the
schedule next. At this
moment we are (my
beloved husband and I)
stripping off the paint
which takes ages but
eventually all this hard
work shows goods results
in the end.
It is a very different painting
job than my other stuff in the
studio but I kind of like it.

Hope you a wonderful Monday!


This painting is a memory from my
parents cottage in the North of
Finland. I remember when my grandma
sat here by the window and looked to
the water.

The Window. 30x40. Mixed media.


  1. Good luck with the painting Kristiina. Will you show us photos after you are done?
    Grandmothers can inspire some of the best memories...Lovely work;)

  2. Yay a makeover! Photos please.
    My Nana used to wait by the window to wave goodbye when we were leaving.