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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my little cottage getaway report

Well hi there
Just to tell you life
has been awfully busy
but now
I think that I can at least
sit down and relax
a little bit...
I have finally graded my
students´ exam papers and
I can concentrate on
living life a bit more normally
for a while.
I miss my studio and
my little cottage getaway
but soon, very soon I will be
there enjoying life to full

Hope you all the best!

A few pics just to update you a little from my allotment.

AND Yes! this is where I like to sit in the sun!

Some details I have been working at a while but the vegetation is taking over by itself...

my lawn is getting there!

a view over the second minilawn

my front is evolving with the plants in front. 
I´ve been working on the texture and colors to match the house.

Here a view towards my little waterlily-pond


  1. Så mysigt det ser ut! Själv längtar jag efter värmen och solen som lyser med sin frånvaro. Igår halgade det, skärpning alla vädergudar, det är ju juni för tusan!

  2. hmmmmmm looks just perfect, enjoy the peace.

  3. Now that you can relax I hope you enjoy your time breathing in the summer air and sunshine.