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Monday, June 18, 2012

life/ livet

Life oh lovely life.
I have been so awfully busy with
work lately and just neglected the
beauty of real life. Finally and yes when it
was most needed- my vacation started!
So yesterday my
family and I left home and headed for the
had a wonderful time
at Gothenbourgs leisure land.
Had fantastic time!

Enjoy the moments you can grab, too!

A few pics from my Instagram-feed kristiina_se (which is pretty much what I have accomplished when it comes to photo taking this last month).

During my hectic time, a few things to look back to...

A few paintings moved back home after the studio open doors exhibition. 
Here a new one in the lazy corner. Two Reaching, 50x120.

The Two Angels, 80x80.

The 70s night out...

A last picture of my husband´s and my bedroom before the kids took over it.

This is what I longed to do while working as mad...

A fun family portrait taken a couple of years ago that I found while clearing out a cupboard.

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