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Monday, June 6, 2011

the weekend open doors
already beautiful


here the
-a pleased me

Let weekends remain as beautiful memories in your minds.

the cottage glass veranda

a pleased artist Kristiina

a couple of pots in stoneware, court lady and courtier

inside the cottage

 the painting Apple Tree, photocollage, 80x80

  Angel on Green Rug, photocollage, 40x100

Kuusamo Fields, photocollage, 50x70

the Girl in the Dream, photocollage, 40x60

the Lady in the Garden, sculpture in mixed media, height appr. 30 cm

the Pink House, collage with 60s school pic, 15x15

1 comment:

  1. Fin fin kolonilott ni har! Härligt. Åh vilken fin brun klänning. Var har du köpt den? Tror att jag såg en sån på vintage forever i stan ;) Kram Amanda