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Sunday, June 5, 2011

last day at open doors

open doors
at my cottage
these last days
has come to an end
-around 250 visitors and a tired but pleased artist

I will reveal
about it all
on my blog so
keep up-dated

be thankful for the ones who come to pay you a visit
- I am.

what I am most grateful of is that one of my big paintings finally found a home.
the couple who bought it had a really nice big, open space at their home where "Varberg´s Angels" (photocollage,  2.40 x 1 m) certainly will feel welcomed. some people will also recognize the sulpture "Sitting Man" who´s been patiently sitting in my studio and wainting to come and see my cottage. He had loads of things on his mind, though, therefore the colourful head, so he sure needed to come to this peaceful environment for a change.

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