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Monday, February 14, 2011

studio cravings/ ateljé begär

...I need to get to my studio now...
                 have many ideas in stock in my sketch pad which is great!
            It has been toooo long break from the creative life
                                                   -even though creativity can be measured in different ways-         
                        it has all being for recharging for the next period-
                                               which basically starts next month!
Then it is going to be hard work until May when I am needed at the cottage to put the new grass area
                                         and prepare for my sculpture exhibition there in the beginning of June..
                                Yee yee, so I am soon off to the studio and being the usual me for a change, busy but                            pleased and all in the wrap of the creativity...

Enjoy the Valentinés...

This is where all the magic happens...ha ha

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