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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

...the colour palette
                                  maybe render the moods of just that special moment.
                 the paleness a string of trying to catch the memories of childhood-
                             the times we had in Finland, the joy of spending a whole summer
                                   The sauna on the field can at times be vague but the memory of the pleasant
                    feeling so strong,
                             a clean body´s warmthness in the cold wind, the wet hair wrapped in the soft bath sheet...
                  What can I say more than that I loved that special moment!

Be joyful for those memories.

The Sauna on Kuusamo Fields, photocollage and mixed media 50x70


  1. Hi Kristiina, I like the changes here- your space looks vibrant and inviting! Good work!

  2. Wonderful color and great painting!

  3. Hej! här är fint... och dina collage är helt fantastiska!! tack för snälla ord hos mig. ja det går bra. ville jag säga.
    allt gott till dig!

  4. beautiful painting, the colors are so subtle and powerful.