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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

                         the girl in the embroidery
...when I put my hands on this embroidery was at my mother-in-law´s place a couple of years ago. I really liked it and I found myself looking at it in a different way than I probably would do when it comes to embroideries...There were these two persons, a mother and a child, who looked so peacefully at me. There was a young mother´s gentle hand holding on to a little girl´s hand. This girl, so little, so innocent...These eyes so hollow but at the same time so captivating. Who was she? A question not to be answered. At least so I thought, until...
                              I was at my mum´s birth place in Finland (the summer 2010) and found loads of old black and white photographs in a drawer and suddenly this little girl caught my eye...there was no name on the photo and when I asked my mother who the little girl was she couldn´t remember at all but in that moment I was convinced that this was the girl in the embroidery...I know how silly all this sounds but I suppose I just wanted to make up this imaginative story- the timing was simply right and I thought these two girls matched so perfectly. So now they are in the same picture, the real girl and the dublicate. I think this connection is so ravishing.

Keep on using your imagination.

the girl in the embroidery, photocollage, oil and mixed media, 50x50

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  1. Underbart möte, såväl de två flickorna, som sättet att blanda broderi, färg och foto.