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Thursday, March 25, 2010

the right mood/den rätta stämningen

my gosh- I was thinking of last weekend and it is Thursday already! last Saturday was all about getting into the right mood- buy some Sat candy and look for the easter decos in the drawers. to be honest I am not so much into decorating for Easter- sorry- BUT (!) I do it in a very small scale. I love bunnies though...I´d love to make a few in clay...we´ll see when that creativity strikes me. well, I am now off to my new art studio in which I moved a couple of weeks ago so I am all into painting now...I just want every second in front of those canvases last for ever and ever and ever...

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  1. Hi Kristiina- thank you for your kind words in my blog- I am happy you found me because I love your work and I will be coming back to see how things are coming along! I love the 'stairs'- and the small -card paintings- the angel series- lovely work-
    Annamaria :)