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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finnish Tango

I´ve had a time out from the
blog life
it seems as loads of things are
piling up to tell about.
I don´t even know where to
So I will instead just show you
bits and pieces from my previous
exhibition which I had with the
Artist Association in the beginning
of December.

My contribution were these three
paintings and the theme for these were
simply Finnish Tango.

Up to you to make your own
interpretations. ;)

Love to all of you! Let´s tango!

// Kristiina                                     Be more updated on my artistic life
                                                      on Instagram: kristiina_se

In the Art Hall of Varberg.

All artists contributed with three paintings each.

My three paintings: Finnish Tango. Mixed media. 25x30.

My painting represented in the newspaper.


  1. Hej! så besviken på mig själv att jag missade det, ser fint ut.Hoppas att det gick bra! Skulle vara fint att ses igen, innan ni drar här ifrån.//Jennie

  2. Happy day to you, Kristiina! Your paintings look beautiful hanging in the fabulous gallery. Congratulations for the paper photo. Ahhhh the tango!

  3. Congratulations for you,
    that`s a big success.
    A few days ago I saw a movie on TV about the Tango in Finland.
    I like your art works very much.
    I wish you a Happy New Year 2013,


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