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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nature´s Art

Sunday contemplation.

Nature is fantastic.
The details. The colors.
The stillness.

I have had a really tough time
these last few months but still, I am
so happy for all those walks in the
woods, down the beach and just from
home to work.
There is somehow a consolidation in these
walks. Nature´s art speaks and heals.

Autumn love to all of you. <3
//Kristiina                                                                         More Sunday pics at FABRIKEN.                                                              

One of my paintings surrounded by red inferno of leaves.
Ladder. Oils on canvas. 25x120.

The lovely colors of autumn can give a colorful framing to gray days of the loss of loved ones.

The ray of light hits the details in the grass and lightens up the morning walk.

This is simply just beautiful art.

...Or nature´s way of showing drama.


 ...Or nature´s way of smiling at you!

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