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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Honestly I have been so
not so creative lately!
I haven´t had the urge
to take myself to the studio
at all...
Athough, I was very
enthusiastic about a
flea market a few of
my friends and I had last
weekend which was well
appreciated and visited.
I guess all my energy went
to this event!
When finding art to sell
at the market I came across
a few oldies which just have
been lying about for ages.
All of them pretty abstract.
I thougth I´d show you a few.
So here we go.


Experimental prints, screen print

Three rings, prints

 Acrylics on paper

Four wings, oil, 30x40 each


  1. All sorts of ideas here; it's always interesting to look back, and see if those ideas still have any power.

  2. Your flea market sounds like a good way to spend some of your energy. Don't be too hard on yourself. Did any thing you saw in older works inspire you?