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Thursday, May 17, 2012

open doors 1st day

Showing you a few
features and details
from the open door.

I wanted a clean look in the studio
but also an artistic way of exposing
the art. The showroom has fantastic
light but the backlight is hard at times.
The interior makes a good compliment
to my art.

Hope you enjoy!
Will show you more pics soon.

And yes- there was loads of people
visiting today! Thanks a lot- I really
appreciated all your kind comments-
and I hope that the ones who ended
up bying my art will be pleased and happy!

Also, thanks for your wishes for good luck-
they really encouraged me!
See ya!

 Hi there! Here I am in my colourful open doors tunic.

I was in the local newspaper...


  1. The displays in the room, which is magnificent by the way, are beautiful! I love that you chose to wear such brilliant colours, Kristiina.

  2. men guuud så snyggt!! åh jag älskar den där känslan av målarateljé som jag alltid får när jag besöker personer som håller på med hantverket. snyggt!