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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I see the sun

It´s a wonderful summery day
outside! I´d wish I was in my
garden but need to get to work.
A few pics from my old
green house for you...Sorry to
say but the winter storm demolished
parts of the glass roof so now
I´ve put a tarp over the big hole
and I miss out on a lot of the lovely
light in there...
I really love my green house but
AS you can see...
(or when you feel the wood, it´s all
soft, tender and rotten on many places)
it is in such a bad condition
so people say
that I just have to knock it down...

Oh well, off we go, Friday here we come!


  1. Old wood has a certain feel and quality to it that new wood just doesn't. It would be a shame to knock it down.....it so perfect. Maybe you could claim "heritage green house" title!