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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tid/ time

finns det inte gott om!
Jag skulle behöva några mer
timmar till dygnet för att hinna
med allt jag vill. Nåja, jag får
vara nöjd med det lilla, än så
långe. Jag hoppas naturligtvis
på att kunna utöka tiden i ateljén.

is  something we do not have enough!
At least when it comes to me, I´d
needed a few more hours to add a day
to get all things over with. I want so much
but I guess I´d need to be satisfied with
what I get. Naturally, I hope to extend my
time in the studio in the future.


a fast glance while driving through town can look like this,
patches of figures, forms and color. collages (2011)


  1. I remember being a kid and seeing glances of things from the back seat of the car. These reminded me of that.

  2. I like these collages a lot! My favourite is number four ( counted from the top) :-)