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Friday, November 11, 2011

till ateljén/ to the studio

den här eftermiddagen.
Jag jobbar som vissa redan vet, som lärare
i Bild och engelska på gymnasiet här i Varberg så
mitt eget skapande i konst har jag vid
sidan om. Jag åker till ateljén två gånger i veckan efter
jobbet och sedan blir det antingen lördag eller söndag 
Sitter här vid macbooken och ska snart iväg
till jobbet på skolan, men längtan till ateljén finns där hela tiden, 
men snart sitter jag där och skapar!
Kan knappt bärga mig.

I am off to the studio this afternoon.
I work, as many already know, as a teacher in
Arts and English at the Upper Secondary School in
Varberg, so my own artistic work is something I do
on top. I work in my studio twice a week after work
and then also Sat or Sun AM.
At this moment I am
sitting here with my macbook and I am soon off to my
work at the school but my desire of being in the studio
will be haunting me all the time. Soon enough, though,
I will be sitting there creating art!
I can´t wait.


Curious about my home? This is what I see from my workspace (the first pic) right now.

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  1. It's wonderful to see into your home. I love the wallpaper, the white, the black, and all your work hanging throughout. Very comfortable and lively.