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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

böcker/ books

blir något annat!
Har jobbat med böcker
som utgångsläge för konst
med mina elever på
Bild och Form-inriktningen
på gymnasiet. Jag själv
blev inspirerad och gjorde
en finsk himmeli som
vanligtvis är gjord av halm.
Det blev en modern version
som nu hänger i min ateljé.

becomes something else!
I have worked with books
as a theme for art with my
students at the Arts and Sculpture
classes at the Upper Secondary School.
I got inspired and made a piece myself
which is a finnish traditional Christmas
hanging "himmeli" which usually is made
of straw. This is my modern version of
it and it hangs in my studio.



  1. Kristiina, this is a beautiful example of how to keep traditions but bring them up to date. I love it.
    Used book stores are one of my favourite places to search through. Like you, I often by a book just because the cover is so beautiful. I just caught up on your past few posts and want to thank you for all the inspiration!