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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

had a nice meeting with other artists
from Finnish artist Association SUOMIART
at Gallery Cupido
in Stockholm
I 'simply' left my paintings to be hung (well, it took me 5 hrs by train and then 5 hrs back home...)
- Good bye paintings and Gooood luck!!

Vernissage tomorrow Wednesday night at 5-7 PM.
Gallery Cupido, Svartmangatan 27, STOCKHOLM


I will be at the gallery guarding (or maybe for creative discussions) on the 7th of July. See ya...?

To gain your common knowledge 2011:
Gallery Cupido in Stockholm is ranked as the 8th nicest gallery in Stockholm.

Gallery Cupido in the pictoresque old town, Stockholm

 my babies

see ya painting! or maybe you´ll find a nice home somewhere....

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