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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


...structure on canvas is my thing...this is an oldie which is to go. one of my friends bought it. it is 100 times 100, not so inreresting and not paticularly depicting, just spaces formed into a perceptional wholeness, mayby an icy landscape or a dreamy place...I painted quite a few of these kind of images in year 2001 when I had had my miscarriage...it was a set of ten paintings 100x100 which I lay on the floor splashing them with colours, brushing off and adding another plash with colour. It was therapy, fullfilled my needs that moment. it was a good feeling.

Perception of Colours 100x100, acrylics

detail from Perception of Colours

detail from Perception of Colours

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  1. Great works, keep up the good work! We wish you an amazing 2011, full of lots of beautiful surprises!