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Sunday, October 10, 2010

the greenhouse/växthuset

...yep! it is my greenhouse but not in so good condition. thinking of building a new one in real English style, as the style I am achieving on my allotment at my cottage. as you can see the greenhouse has some nice, old features. the little back room used to be a lavatory in the 60s. I haven´t had the time to clear up the things in there yet so it is as if time had stood still...oh- so much to do and yet so little time! at least I managed to paint the glass veranda this summer.


  1. Hi Kristiina,
    yes, I can see the potential. What are the wooden tools? Yes, you are soo right- so much to do , so little time- I feel the same with our house. How to find time to redecorate and make beautiful!Ok. One step at a time!X

  2. Hi Annamaria, no idea what the wooden tools are...have not figures out that yet and not explored all the things around. I bought the cottage and its garden in May which included all the tools etc. but there are a lot tidying up to do, though.