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Sunday, September 19, 2010

American trunk/Amerikakoffert

I simply don´t know what to do with this American trunk I bought for twenty years ago. It has kind of followed me from places to places and it doesn´t fulfill any practical needs since it is very smelly inside. it just stands there as an object to observe...but it has some beautiful details and I have all documentation about the journey to New York saved. It says Florence Andersson Göteborg on the top lid...doesn´t that make you to make up a story about her and her journey to big Ameeericaaa...oh- I almost forgot, above the trunk hangs one of my angel paintings "green angel on rug" 40x120.
see ya!

What I have heard is that the architecture of the Röhsska Museum in Göteborg by Carl Westman in 1916 is inspired by- yes!- a trunk!

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