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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

met an oldie/mötte en gammal en

met this old painting at a colleagues place. it was as seing an old friend. a bit nostalgic but sad at the same time...I´ve actually missed it...YES- I´d missed a painting!! hahaha. let me tell how it ended at my colleagues wall, the thing was that she´d worked 25 yrs at the same place and therefore as a present from work, she was to choose something to represent all these years and she chose to buy one of my paintings! I felt so priviledged! so this actually ment that she chose not to buy a golden watch, which might be the most usual thing to do- no, instead she wanted one of my paintings! And guess what, after that, I´ve collected more of these kind of stories!

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  1. Good to meet an old friend, especially when it is one of your own creations!