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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


these lovely findings at flea market. first, I found the lovely little purse ages ago but never knew where to put it...gave it to my daughter so it kind of got pink colour on it...a shame! then I just realized, the other day actually, that it was perfect to hang on one of my old chairs (nothing particular with them) and at the moment I put my post cards in it...perfect!! it also suited well with the curtain I have in the doorway.

then last summer I found this 50s chest of drawers for only 100 SwKr so it was a bargain, just looove bargains...I also found the two chandeliers for a tenner or two which was great fun. when it comes to the wall-clock I must tell you that since my kitchen already had a few red objects here and there I thought this rounded clock was perfect...and yes, I like round and bold 60s forms.

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