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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I haven´t had the guts to sell "Consolation" (photocollage/acrylic painting) which hangs in the livingroom. the little angel is my son Malte. I´ve always had my children as models for my paintings and a couple of years ago I worked with with the theme "angels". I dressed the girls, Tindra and Emmie, up and photographed them.

by that time I got this awesome idea to paint a rather big painting of a boy angel sitting beside a ten year-old boy´s grave and I would call it "Consolation". Unfortunately my boy refused to dress up as an angel (according to him it wasn´t cool anough...haha). Anyway, one Saturday morning, really early...only my son and I were awake...I asked him whether he would like to dress up as an angel and he said "yes"...the sun was just about to rise and it was great conditions for taking photoes with the light seeping between the branches. and here you see the result of those photoes.


I bought a new cushion from Indiska the other day. love the colour and it really gleams as it might show on the photo.

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